Windshield Repair & Replacement

A.G.E. insists on using only original equipment manufacturer windshield glass, which ensures a perfect fit for your utmost safety.

When you are looking to replace your car windshield or windows, you’ll want to make sure that the company doing the installation is using O.E.M. glass. O.E.M. stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and means that the glass being installed will be made by the same manufacturer as your original.

Why O.E.M. Glass?

When glass manufacturers use the same processes and quality assurance inspections as vehicle manufacturers do, replacement parts look and fit like original equipment. O.E.M. equipment meets the same high optical quality standards and fulfills the same safety tests by which the original parts were judged. That means original equipment manufacturer replacement glass installed by A.G.E. is less likely to contribute to wind noise, leakage and exterior inconsistencies that are likely to occur because of non-original equipment manufacturer products.

The A.G.E. Difference

What sets Auto Glass Excellence apart from our competitors is that you are our priority. We don’t compromise the safety of you and your loved ones to fix your vehicle windshield or windows with cheap glass. We use only the best to ensure that you will not encounter any hazards while you are on the road. Contact us today to schedule a windshield replacement appointment with our NGA Certified Technicians.