Vehicle Sunroof Repair & Replacement Services

If your vehicle sunroof is broken or leaking, Auto Glass Excellence will repair or replace it in no time at all.

Primarily, sunroofs provide personal enjoyment, allowing air into a vehicle on hot days, as well as providing motorists with a view of the sky. While power sunroofs and side windows serve similar functions, power sunroofs are much more complex than windows. While windows rely on vertical motion, sunroofs often need to be able to move both vertically and horizontally. The functionality of the sunroof depends strictly on the vehicle, and whether the sunroof is manual or automatic. While enjoyable and convenient, sunroofs can become inoperable or leak over time. In these cases, Auto Glass Excellence is here for drivers who are seeking sunroof repair services!

Why A.G.E. for Your Sunroof Repairs?

If your vehicle’s sunroof is not functioning properly and causing you stress, take advantage of the sunroof repair services offered by Auto Glass Excellence. Whether you are dealing with an inoperable or leaking sunroof, we are equipped with the right tools and NGA Certified Techicians to service your sunroof and get you back on the road in no time at all! Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have have your sunroof repaired.