Safety is Paramount at Auto Glass Excellence

Your windshield does more than keep wind out of your face: A windshield accounts for nearly 20 percent of the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Your safety is our biggest concern.

Using only the highest quality materials installed by qualified, experienced technicians, Auto Glass Excellence ensures your new windshield will maintain the structural integrity that makes it essential to your vehicle’s crash management system.

OEM is All We Use

A.G.E. insists on using only original equipment manufacturer glass, which ensures a perfect fit for utmost safety. Using top-quality products from the top companies in the automotive glass industry – LOF, PPG, Essex, Carlite, Safeguard, Guardian, Sigla, Sekuurit and Pilkington – A.G.E.’s technicians all are certified by the National Glass Association. Quality glass and quality installation mean your replacement windshield – and your vehicle – are as safe as the day they rolled out of the factory.

Original equipment manufacturer glass is important in replacement windshields. When glass manufacturers use the same processes and quality assurance inspections as vehicle manufacturers do, replacement parts look and fit like original equipment. OEM equipment meets the same high optical quality standards and fulfills the same safety tests by which the original parts were judged. That means original equipment manufacturer replacement glass installed by A.G.E. is less likely to contribute to wind noise, leakage and exterior inconsistencies that are likely to occur because of non-original equipment manufacturer products.