Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We have an answer, check out some of the frequently asked question below!

The general rule of thumb is the size of a quarter or smaller. Though techniques are available to repair a break as large as a dollar bill, we believe the area of distortion compromises the view and safety of the driver. If the break is larger or in the driver’s line of vision, most insurance companies recommend replacing the entire windshield.

Simply put, cash flow. After a windshield is installed with a cash customer we receive payment. Insurance companies set payment terms and predetermined pricing guidelines. Cash pricing could possibly be higher in some cases because of volume discounts insurance companies receive. Other companies quote low prices because they use after-market products and inexperienced labor. Be sure you know what you are getting.

We use original equipment manufacturer products only. OEM follows the manufacturer’s guidelines for safety, fit and finish. Non-OEM products have been known to have inconsistencies and tend to follow only the minimal government safety standards. You always should use OEM glass.

No. If installed properly, in some instances replacement glass actually can be better. In fact, we have improved on many factory installations.

General safety guidelines for the adhesive material, Premium Grade Urethane, A.G.E. recommends a vehicle not be driven for at least 30-minutes so the adhesives set properly.  The entire replacement process takes only an hour. Our technicians are trained to ask customers before installing the windshield. A.G.E provides safety instructions that are extremely important to be followed.

Absolutely! A.G.E. offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturers’ defects and our workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. This warranty is not exclusive to the Valley. Should you have a problem, please call us and we will address your concern. It is important to do the job right and we take every possible measure to ensure it is done right the first time. Should you have a problem, we think you will be more impressed with how we handle your concern. Our follow-up and service are superior to our competitors.

Mama always said “there ain’t nothing for free.” We offer the finest quality products and services, backed up with our warranty and our word. We don’t offer any gimmicks as part of our effort to introduce customers to A.G.E.’s work. Satisfaction is guaranteed! Our customer is our No. 1 concern at A.G.E. We do not use deceptive advertising to lure our customers. We pride ourselves in doing business the right way.