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Windshield chip repair can be a quick and easy fix. Repairing a windshield chip affordably with Auto Glass Excellence can save you money. Small chips and dings in your vehicle’s windshield are easily ignored, but over time those small chips will become cracks, and those cracks will continue to grow, which is a problem.

Mobile Chip Repair in Arizona

Living in Arizona, you know how easy it is to get a chipped windshield. Between the vibration from driving your vehicle on some “less than perfect roads”, and the extreme summer heat, your small chip can quickly turn into a large crack. Auto Glass Excellence can repair most chipped windshields quickly and easily; what’s more mobile chip repair is possible on all vehicles so we can come to you. Repairing a small chip is an investment; it will save you the expense of replacing the entire windshield because if ignored, that small chip will become a large crack. With insurance companies tightening up on windshield claims, getting that chip repair done now – even out-of-pocket – is a smart move.

Repair a Chip or Replace my Windshield. How Do I Know?

Call us and we’ll tell you! You don’t have to know everything, that’s what we’re here for. But a good rule of thumb is that if the area of damage is smaller than a quarter, it may be possible to have your windshield repaired instead of replaced.

How Do You Repair a Chipped Windshield?

Windshield chips are repaired with a permanent process that removes the air from inside the chip or small crack, then it’s filled with a curable, optically matched resin. This process bonds the glass together and restores the strength and structural integrity of your vehicle’s windshield.

More often than not, a windshield glass chip can be repaired in a manner that will improve the appearance of your windshield significantly. Auto Glass Excellence offers chip repair services that are economical, safe, and effective, repairs that can be done quickly so you can get back on the road.

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