Side Mirror Glass Replacement

Side Mirror? Door Mirror? Wing Mirror?

Did you know that your side-view mirror (or just side mirror) is often referred to as a “wing mirror”? That’s because they were originally installed on the front wings of older vehicles. The wing is the part of the car above the front wheel well. Almost all modern cars now mount their side mirrors on the doors – usually at the A-pillar—rather than on the wings. But many people still call them wing mirrors!

Whatever you call them, mirrors placed on the exterior of your automobile are there to help the driver see behind, and to the sides of the vehicle; areas that would otherwise be outside the driver’s peripheral vision. Have you ever noticed the passenger side mirror always says, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”? That’s because this mirror is designed to increase your field of vision and to eliminate or minimize potential blind spots.

Safety Matters at Auto Glass Excellence

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again! Your safety is our paramount concern at Auto Glass Excellence. If you are driving with a broken side mirror, the most important reason to get it repaired is the safety of you and your passengers, and other road users. Broken mirror glass will have a significant impact on your vision and therefore your road safety.

The Auto Glass Excellence Difference

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, everyone benefits greatly from the use of side-view mirrors (and turn signals…but that’s whole different conversation in Arizona!)

If the side mirrors on your vehicle are poor quality, or are incorrectly installed, there can be serious consequences. Eliminate these potential hazards while you’re on the road with Auto Glass Excellence! We only use the best side mirror glass products available on the market, and all our installers know how to install your vehicle mirrors to ensure maximum safety.

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