Why is ADAS Calibration Important?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems offer you more control over your vehicle, providing you with more information about your immediate surroundings while you’re parking and driving. ADAS includes everything from rear cross-traffic sensors to adaptive cruise control. These systems now come as standard in most newer cars, trucks, and SUVs.

ADAS technology is constantly evolving in order to help improve vehicle safety and assist drivers with things like monitoring blind spots and pulling into tight parking spaces. Properly adjusting these systems requires technology and training that many shops choose not to acquire, due to the extra costs and hassle associated with ADAS calibration equipment.

If your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems aren’t properly calibrated, it could greatly reduce their functionality and your safety. Even if the ADAS is off by a millimeter, it could be providing inaccurate readings. These inaccurate readings could, in turn, cause the vehicle to respond too late or incorrectly to its surroundings.

ADAS is an acronym for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Windshield Camera Recalibration

When is ADAS Calibration Needed?

An ADAS recalibration is needed whenever an ADAS sensor’s position is disturbed. This could happen during a collision, even a minor one, or as a result of common auto glass services like windshield replacement or a side-view mirror replacement. It can also be required after other vehicle services like a wheel alignment, suspension repair, or any service that requires removal of the front sensors.

Even something as simple as a change in tire size can disturb your ADAS and require recalibration.

Why Choose A.G.E for Your ADAS Calibration?

ADAS calibrations most often follow windshield replacement. If recalibration is needed because of your glass service, we will let you know when you request a quote. Your vehicle details will tell us what is required.

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